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This is a special category of cushions, pillows and bolsters for kids who really get amazed by heart shapes. Under the category of wonder hearts, we manufacture these products that are comfortable and attractive. If you are planning to set up the a bed for your kid then they will add to the attraction. Kids play with cushions so we use the fabrics that are easy to clean.

Heart Shaped Cushions

Name : Heart Shaped Cushions
Item Code : WH-001
Desc : A heart touching gift for little ones. This pink colored heart shaped cushion features three designs of heart in red circles.
Style : Wonder Hearts
Heart Design Cushion

Name : Heart Design Cushion
Item Code : WH-002
Desc : These heart design rectangular cushions add a touch of comfort and beauty to the decor of kids' room.
Style : Wonder Hearts

Heart Print Pillow

Name : Heart Print Pillow
Item Code : WH-003
Desc : Heart print bolster pillows are made from super soft fabric keeping into consideration the soft body of children.
Style : Wonder Hearts
Heart Design Pillow

Name : Heart Design Pillow
Item Code : WH-004
Desc : This rectangular pillow boasts captivating printed patterns of heart in pink circles. This light weighted pillow is very durable in quality.
Style : Wonder Hearts

Heart Printed Pillow

Name : Heart Printed Pillow
Item Code : WH-005
Desc : These pink colored printed pillows are appealing with their heart design in circle of center and elegant tassels all over the borders.

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