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To provide the female timeless mesmerizing beauty, we at Sunlord Apparels unfurl an exclusive collection of womens jewelry. Symbolizing India's rich art and culture, our jewelry items are beautified with tear drop, strawberry, round & tube shaped beads of diverse eye catching colors & sizes. Floral, leaf & chain designs further embellish them. Made to last for ages, our collection includes fashion beaded necklace, ladies beaded necklace, ladies fashion necklace and many more.

sunlord Fashion Beaded Necklace

Name : Fashion Beaded Necklace
Item Code : WJ-001
Desc : Appropriate to deliver women's neck fascinating look. Strawberry shaped beads have been appealingly strung and hung with green string of these fashion beaded necklaces.
sunlord Beaded Fashion Jewelry

Name : Beaded Fashion Jewelry
Item Code : WJ-002
Desc : Olive & blue colored multi sized glass beads are gracefully strung in this beaded fashion jewelry. Flower shaped pendant looks magnificent on every type of apparel.

sunlord Ladies Beaded Necklace

Name : Ladies Beaded Necklace
Item Code : WJ-003
Desc : Tiny & medium sized green beads improve the glamor of these ladies beaded necklaces. Enchanting beaded pendant & fringes further beautify them.
sunlord Multi Strand Necklace

Name : Multi Strand Necklace
Item Code : WJ-004
Desc : Redefining the style and beauty innovatively, multi strand necklaces having maroon small beads are must for the jewelry box of jewelry lover women.

sunlord Ladies Fashion Necklace

Name : Ladies Fashion Necklace
Item Code : WJ-005
Desc : Shining example of Indian artistry. Ladies fashion necklaces possess tiny & tear drop maroon beads, which are elegantly suspended with strong & stylish chains.
sunlord Women's Chain Necklace

Name : Women's Chain Necklace
Item Code : WJ-006
Desc : Red, green & white colored links make these women's chain necklaces a fetching jewelry item. These light weighted necklaces can be worn comfortably.

sunlord Beaded Fashion Necklace

Name : Beaded Fashion Necklace
Item Code : WJ-007
Desc : An easy & striking way to look fashionable in every function. Orange colored tube bead is charmingly strung in the multiple chains of these exquisite beaded fashion necklaces.
sunlord Women's Beaded Necklace

Name : Women's Beaded Necklace
Item Code : WJ-008
Desc : Tear drop shaped blue beads & tube shaped red& blue beads have been placed in these women's beaded necklaces to rule the world of fashion with innovative creations.

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