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This is a special designed product with triple heart shape at the center of the cushion, pillow and bolsters. Gift your kid with this cushion and see the happiness in his/her face. This particular item is in great demand in the market. Our pillows and cushions are very durable as they are stitched with the best available machinery.

Embroidered Cushion

Name : Embroidered Cushion
Item Code : TH-001
Desc : Embroidered with the exquisite patterns of three hearts, this pink & maroon colored cushion is sure to be favorite of the kids.
Style : Trio Heart
Embroidered Round Cushion

Name : Embroidered Round Cushion
Item Code : TH-002
Desc : Embroidered round cushions are decorated with RI-heart designs as well as three concentric circle patterns of different colors.
Style : Trio Heart

Hand Embroidered Cushions

Name : Hand Embroidered Cushions
Item Code : TH-003
Desc : Rectangular shaped this hand embroidered cushion is deliberately colored in pleasing shades of red, pink & maroon to cheer up the babies.
Style : Trio Heart
Embroidered Bolster

Name : Embroidered Bolster
Item Code : TH-005
Desc : These striking embroidered bolsters are furnished with adorable heart designs on smooth fabric to provide the kids touching & viewing pleasure.
Style : Trio Heart

Flower Shaped Pillow

Name : Flower Shaped Pillow
Item Code : TH-004
Desc : These intriguing flower shaped pillows can be gifted to small children. The stunning shape & designs of these pillows tempt all the kids.
Style : Trio Heart

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