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Flowers and petals have always been popular amongst kids. Nothing better when they find their favorite tri-petal flower designed in their pillow, cushion or bolster. We make use of synthetic colors that are do not cause any harm at all. The cushions are soft and tender, easy to maintain. We supply in bulk as per the requirement of the clients.

Kids Pillow

Name : Kids Pillow
Item Code : TF-001
Desc : Yellow & red colored designs of tri-petals have been created on green, yellow & red background of these kids rectangular pillows.
Style : Tri-Petal Flower
Baby Bolster

Name : Baby Bolster
Item Code : TF-002
Desc : Suitable for your little prince & princess. Beautiful tri-petal designs make these multicolored baby bolsters look tantalizing and magnificent.
Style : Tri-Petal Flower

Kids Cushion

Name : Kids Cushion
Item Code : TF-003
Desc : These lovely & comfy kids cushions can be used by tiny totes while sipping the tea and watching favorite TV programme.
Style : Tri-Petal Flower
Heart Shaped Pillows

Name : Heart Shaped Pillows
Item Code : TF-004
Desc : These heart shaped stylish pillows in luscious colors are fashion staple in the personal rooms of every little one.
Style : Tri-Petal Flower

Decorative Baby Pillow

Name : Decorative Baby Pillow
Item Code : TF-005
Desc : Attractively designed these round shaped decorative baby pillows are not only decorative but also highly functional for the kids.
Style : Tri-Petal Flower
Baby Cushions

Name : Baby Cushions
Item Code : TF-006
Desc : These red, yellow & green colored elegant baby cushions are beautifully decorated with heart shaped petals on green base.
Style : Tri-Petal Flower

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