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All the bags under this category are made of various type of material including; straw, canvas & jute. These bags are designed to perfection & exhibit all the qualities that are associated with bags. Apt to be used for various purposes, there bags are not at all costly and available with us in various sizes, shapes & designs.

sunlord Designer Jute Bags

Name : Designer Jute Bags
Item Code : SC-001
Desc : Perfect fusion of tradition & modernity. Expertly developed in striking patterns, designer handcrafted jute bags having blue, red & yellow stripes enchant everyone with their lovely appearance.
Style : Jute
sunlord Jute Handbag

Name : Jute Handbag
Item Code : SC-002
Desc : Vertically elongated jute handbags are furnished with red colored designs of birds & flowers on golden background. They possess two red soft straps for holding.
Style : Jute

sunlord Jute Shoulder Bag

Name : Jute Shoulder Bag
Item Code : SC-003
Desc : Passion to deliver the best & stylish products to customers completely reflects in these jute shoulder bags. Attractively designed these jute bags are the choice of many.
Style : Jute
sunlord Jute Fashion Bags

Name : Jute Fashion Bags
Item Code : SC-004
Desc : Bucket shaped jute fashion bag depicts the multicolored designs of flowers and butterflies. They are attached with oval wooden handle to ensure a long shelf life.
Style : Jute

sunlord Jute Shopping Bags

Name : Jute Shopping Bags
Item Code : SC-005
Desc : Great for shopping purpose. Displaying red & silver floral designs, this bucket shape jute shopping bag having strong handles impart a fashionable look to the girls & ladies.
Style : Jute
sunlord Jute Party Bags

Name : Jute Party Bags
Item Code : SC-006
Desc : To bring a touch of style & beauty while going to party, this appealing jute party bag is must. Colorful floral designs & comfortable straps make this bag really eye catcher.
Style : Jute

sunlord Ladies Jute Bags

Name : Ladies Jute Bags
Item Code : SC-007
Desc : Wonderful synthesis of quality and beauty. Ladies jute bag having meander designs and multicolored border tempts women folk with their incomparable charm.
sunlord Jute Canvas Bags

Name : Jute Canvas Bags
Item Code : SC-008
Desc : Proficiently developed with creative evolution from premium standard jute canvas, fashionable jute bags with oval handles are sure to last for a long time.

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