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Add a spectrum of colors to your wardrobe with our specially designed silk scarves. Made from superior quality of silk, our collection exhibits a rare combination of style and elegance. Our exclusive range of silk scarves are not just an fashion accessory, but a style statement for others.

sunlord Silk Scarves

Name : Silk Scarves
Item Code : SSC-001
Desc : Delicacy of pure silk and shine of vibrant colored designs on black background make these silk scarves look gorgeous.
sunlord Hand Woven Silk Scarves

Name : Hand Woven Silk Scarves
Item Code : SSC-002
Desc : Hand woven by the deft hands of talented artisans, these silk scarves are incomparable in their exclusive designs and appearance.

sunlord Silk Designer Scarf

Name : Silk Designer Scarf
Item Code : SSC-003
Desc : Black colored stunning beads have been elegantly suspended in these white colored silk designer scarves. These scarves can be worn over the shoulder like stoles.
sunlord Designer Silk Scarves

Name : Designer Silk Scarves
Item Code : SSC-004
Desc : Depicting the attractive embroidery of blue color in fantastic pattern, designer silk scarves are certain to provide the ladies many years of enjoyment.

sunlord Fancy Silk Scarves

Name : Fancy Silk Scarves
Item Code : SSC-005
Desc : Charmingly fabricated from dull white colored crushed silk, fancy silk scarves can be donned on or near the head or around the neck for warmth, cleanliness & fashion.
sunlord Ladies Silk Scarf

Name : Ladies Silk Scarf
Item Code : SSC-006
Desc : Artistically colored in blue & black shades using tie and dye method, ladies silk scarves accentuate the charm of women in an exclusive manner.

sunlord Silk Woven Scarf

Name : Silk Woven Scarf
Item Code : SSC-007
Desc : These green & black hued, striking tie and dye scarves have been woven from quality silk to provide the wearers eternal fashion for a long time.
sunlord Women's Silk Scarf

Name : Women's Silk Scarf
Item Code : SSC-008
Desc : Luxury of silk & vibrance of colors make women's silk scarves comfortable and eye catching items, which are also helpful to keep the coldness off.

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