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This is our treat to kids. They really feel enthusiastic when looking at these polka images all the time in their pillows. Soft fabrics are specially selected for the exterior cushioning and the inside of the pillows, cushions and bolsters are fed with feathers, foams, cotton or any other soft material. We also provide custom shapes on special demand from our clients.

Kids Decorative Pillows

Name : Kids Decorative Pillows
Item Code : PO-001
Desc : Created in the shape of flower, this kids decorative pillow possesses multicolored polka dot designs in blue center. Red petals with yellow edge enhance their charm.
Style : Polka
Baby Designer Pillows

Name : Baby Designer Pillows
Item Code : PO-002
Desc : Colorful polka dots and red, green, yellow & light blue colored border make this rectangular baby designer pillow an eye catching piece.
Style : Polka

Kids Round Pillow

Name : Kids Round Pillow
Item Code : PO-003
Desc : Kids round pillows incorporate beautiful designs of various enthralling hues. Kids will always use these pillows for a deep and sound sleep.
Style : Polka
Kids Pillows

Name : Kids Pillows
Item Code : PO-004
Desc : Elegant in look and comfortable in use. These kids pillows are made enchanting by being adorned with varicolored polka dot designs on smooth cloth.
Style : Polka

Kids Bolster

Name : Kids Bolster
Item Code : PO-005
Desc : These kids bolsters having pretty designs of sweet colors convert the kids's room into a royal place with their luxurious appearance.
Style : Polka

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