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Sunlord brings a range of exclusive pillow & cushion covers to match all the requirements. The collection consists of all sizes, styles, designs and shapes of pillows and cushions. And as far as covers are concerned, apart from all sizes, styles, designs and shapes we offer all variety of colors in pillow & cushion covers. The basic fabrics that we use are georgette, silk, tissue, dupion (raw silk), chiffon, satin, cotton, velvet and polyester etc. Our pillow & cushion covers are sure to create a long lasting impression on your home interior.

Designer Pillow Covers

Name : Designer Pillow Covers
Item Code : CC-001
Desc : Impeccably designed with light & dark brown colored floral patterns on white base, these bewitching designer pillow covers are the first choice of many.
Style : Cushions
Printed Pillow Covers

Name : Printed Pillow Covers
Item Code : CC-002
Desc : Competent to reveal the concealed beauty of pillows. Green, pink & maroon colored eye catching designs of flowers are exquisitely printed on the white fabric of these pillow covers.
Style : Cushion

Designer Cushion Covers

Name : Designer Cushion Covers
Item Code : CC-003
Desc : Representation of marvellous yet eye pleasing color combination. Designer cushion covers are decked with the patterns of flowers & leaves after inspiring from the flawless & spellbinding beauty of nature.
Style : Cushions
Decorative Cushion Cover

Name : Decorative Cushion Cover
Item Code : CC-004
Desc : Smooth in touch and enduring in feature. Decorative cushion covers having black & white charming designs not only beautify the cushions but also protect them for a long time.
Style : Cushions

Decorative Pillow Cover

Name : Decorative Pillow Cover
Item Code : CC-005
Desc : Green colored patterns of leaves are created on these splendid decorative pillow covers to deliver the viewing pleasure to users as well as observers.
Style : Cushions
Printed Cushion Cover

Name : Printed Cushion Cover
Item Code : PC-006
Desc : Printed with grey and brown colored floral & leaf motifs, these stylish cushion covers add a glorious touch to the decor of any residential & commercial building.
Style : Cushions

Fancy Cushion Cover

Name : Fancy Cushion Cover
Item Code : PC-007
Desc : Dexterously fabricated from pink cloth, these attractive fancy cushion covers encase the cushions completely and add a long shelf life to them.
Style : Cushions
Round Cushion Cover

Name : Round Cushion Cover
Item Code : PC-008
Desc : Green colored round cushion covers are beautified with leaf patterns on the border. They can be placed on sofas, chairs & beds to enhance their grandeur.
Style : Cushions

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